About Us

WebSprix, an IT Solutions and Communications Technology company, is working as a vISP and telecom VAS provider with our primary responsibilities of ensuring that the services purchased and the services delivered conform to our Customers' requirements. Our services include all that a customer needs from a successful vISP and VAS service provider.

WebSprix is committed to bringing the best communication and information technologies to address our clients' needs. WebSprix has assembled a talented team whose members all have significant experience in telecommunications, computer networking, management and IT consulting projects in both developed and developing markets. The founders of WebSprix are committed to providing best-of-breed solutions to your business and our Value Added Services are designed to strengthen your business operations.

We learnt over the years both in Ethiopia & overseas about strategic business. We know that we are not complete, but we are kin to learn and committed in ensuring customer satisfaction by offering a range of quality services at a reasonable price. We are ready to take any challenges to please our customers.

Why Choose WebSprix

Partnership Centric Approach We believe that WebSprix approach through robust partnerships models would be tremendously successful. These models are aligned to enable clients to experience WebSprix as an extension of their own teams. This approach would successfully help our clients to realize a high Return on Investment (ROI) and coming back with repeat orders. By partnering with WebSprix, you are assured of transparency in communication, business continuity and guaranteed growth.

Wide Technology Competence WebSprix provides you with a large working team with varied skill set, which you would be able to employ for just the task and flawless service at hand.

Streamlined Delivery Approach WebSprix has a streamlined service/solution delivery approach that provides clearly defined process guidelines emphasizing the importance of information flow and communications. The robustness of our methodology combined with the infrastructure and quality orientation reduces your engagement risk significantly and helps you optimize the use of IT, become more competitive and improve resource efficiency and productivity.

Highly Competent Resources WebSprix provides you with dedicated human resources who are highly competent and qualified to meet all types of client needs. This talent has been hand-picked from reputed colleges and has worked on numerous projects with us and also prior to joining our company.

End to End Customizable Business Solutions WebSprix's ability to provide customized and end-to-end business solutions would be the hallmark of our leadership. We have the right experience and capability of rapidly turning around prototypes and managing both small and large projects by breaking them into manageable parts apart from a readiness for the uncertain future. WebSprix resources are willing to take on new challenges, of all kinds, head-on; bringing you customized products/services that give you a business edge.

Lower Rates WebSprix provides on-time and on-budget delivery of high performance, reliable, scalable and flexible products/services/solutions by bringing you the right blend of resources at affordable prices.

Secured Environment We understand that designing, developing and deploying secured service/solution and protection of sensitive information is the responsibility of all the stakeholders involved with the services/solutions lifecycle, i.e, both us and you. Whilst, the security of service/solution can be attributed to the technologies chosen or processes followed, eventual accountability is ascribed to the people building it. That, is why, WebSprix makes a deliberate effort in securing the services/solutions development environment and follows best practices related to a secure services/solutions development process. We protect your brand as our own and support it with secure solutions together with compliance to governance, regulations and privacy laws.

Advanced solutions Our industry-leading data and ICT solutions are delivered to customers all over the country, and are underpinned by our extensive international networks.

A service culture We never treat our customers as investors rather we treat them as our valuable assets. Customers, be corporate or be home user given the same priority in terms of providing services. We strive for excellence by listening to your needs.

Partnering With WebSprix

A strong partnership between WebSprix and its clients is and would be the foundation of our continuous success. We understand that the individual strength of an organization is not only dependent on its own merits but is also dictated by its alliances and partners. Collaboration and leveraging mutual strengths elevates the positioning of an organization and aid market penetration in service offerings.